Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Trashbook by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)


Cover of Trashbook by FinnBadger aka Phillip Lerche (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

FinnBadger distinguished himself in the Trashpo universe not long ago with his “Junk DaDa,” which received no small amount of attention and raves.


Now he takes an undisputed place in the history of Kulter Kultur with this FAB Trashbook that raises the Karnival of Trash exhibition to yet another level of excitement and excellence.


This brilliantly conceived Trashbook is affixed by FinnBadger upon sturdy cardboard. The Karnival of Trash 2016 is, in fact, an homage to the aesthetics of cardboard. Cardboard is a primary composition material in The Greatest Po on Earth.


FinnBadger takes a distinctly formalist approach to the structure of this work, which removes it from the more organic path of D-Khaos and places it in the category of the “Aesthetic Trashbook.”



The back cover of the Karnival of Trashbook by FinnBadger:


Deepest thanks to FinnBadger aka Phillip Lerche of DKULTOH!




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