Asemic Cartoons by Lin Tarczynski (Sisquoc, California, USA)

Lin - 8.12.2016 - 1

Mail art by Lin Tarczynski (Sisquoc, California, USA)

I have become a very big Lin Tarczynski fan in the relatively short amount of time I have known about her work. Today I am thrilled to share one of her asemic-vispo cartoon cards, which is her second M-L contribution. Lin Tarczynski is prolific, and you can find some amazing examples of her art on the net. Her Geranium Lake Properties blog is especially popular and well worth not one but many visits:

Lin - 8.12.2016 - 2

I am very interested in applications and extensions of asemic forms: asemic fiction, asemic novels, asemic poetry cycles, etc. So I think Lin Tarczynski’s asemic cartoons (aka abstract comics) are an important contribution. For me, they are brilliantly done, and Lin is very talented. Here is the back cover of the card:

Lin - 8.12.2016 - 3

And the envelope:

Lin - 8.12.2016 - 4

Deepest thanks to Lin Tarczynski for the asemics and thanks in particular for participating in and supporting the mail art network.


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