Asemic Vispo by Jason Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

Jason - 8.2.2016 - 1

Mail art by Jason Motsch (Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA)

Thanks to the Eternal Network, I have seen Jason Motsch’s visual poetry and asemic writing evolve from promising experiments to what I consider to be informed and accomplished compositions today. This postcard-size piece is a special gift because, among other things, it explores glyphs. In particular, Jason takes the archaic route, looking to images of animals and birds as a root of written language. The juxtaposition with print is very effective in making this a language-centered piece.

Glyph-making and discussions of the archaic were central for a time in the IUOMA asemic writing group, but that was long before Jason’s arrival. He certainly has absorbed ideas and aesthetics from the group:

Jason - 8.2.2016 - 2

Jason Motsch sends a great piece of asemic vispo and offers commentary: That’s very pomo and makes my job much easier.

Deepest thanks to Jason for this wonderful piece!



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