Icelandic Message from Zipelit (New York City, USA?)

Lipelit - 7.21.2016 - 1

Mail art by Zipelit (New York City, USA?)

This is the first appearance of Zipelit on MinXus-Lynxus. Zipelit is a somewhat mysterious character who is a member of IUOMA, but not much background material is available. I certainly admire this image I was sent. Zipelit also sends messages in what I understand to be Icelandic:

Lipelit - 7.21.2016 - 2a

The calligraphy is fantastic! I am sure there are other mail artists out there who know Icelandic far, far better than I do. So, for now, I will leave the translation to someone else. I think this postcard originated in New York City, not Iceland. I could be mistaken about that too.

Zipelit is an intriguing character. I look forward to learning more and seeing more work. Many thanks!



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