Lucky Pierre’s “The Richard Canard” Conspiracy (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 1

Mail art by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

First, MinXus-Lynxus cannot let this hectic June pass without recognizing the birthday of mail art luminary and legend Richard Canard.

To help celebrate this event, Lucky Pierre (and others) orchestrated a postal celebration so widespread and so secretive that I am not sure – even after the fact of the public unveiling – how much I can safely disclose about the fascinating machinations of the event. Suffice it to say I am sharing this Canardian mailing from Lucky Pierre to document a mail art “happening” of note. I sincerely hope I have not unintentionally revealed any secrets from the weeks of preparation.

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 2

Richard Canard stamps by Cascadia Artpost (Olympia, Washington, USA) included in Lucky Pierre’s mailing.

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 3

Lucky Pierre also included some interesting asemic material:

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 4

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 5

My response is that this is great found material, really outstanding. Based on my understanding of asemics, I believe Lucky Pierre has invented a code here. A code is not asemic. An asemic text is essentially a code that can never be deciphered because, “There is no there there.” The great Guido Vermeulen and I once had a debate at IUOMA-Ning concerning asemics and codes. I recall Guido believed a code could be asemic, so my view is by no means an ultimate pronouncement.

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 6

Lucky Pierre - 6.15.2016 - 7

Best wishes to Litter Richard and congratulations to Lucky Pierre and all the other artists who contributed to a great mail art event.


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