Rebecca Guyver’s Network Vision: Are You In It? (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - 5.30.2016 - 1

Mail art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca Guyver sent me a new mail art package that has two distinct, thematic parts. I want to share this fascinating add and pass first.

Anyone who has dug into the histories of both mail art and Fluxus have probably noted an obsession with lists of names. This a&p will add to the fetish, and Rebecca has taken the time to attempt to organize and articulate her personal network. I know many discussions have taken place, at the IUOMA for example, about the structure of the Eternal Network and the overall population of the network versus the fact that each participant is part of a dynamic (sub-)network. So I hope more of these appear. The responses will likely be very interesting to everyone. She included a blank copy as well:

Rebecca - 5.30.2016 - 2

Here is the reverse side:

Rebecca - 5.30.2016 - 3

Initially, I had a few subjective responses: WHERE is Richard Canard? In terms of affinities, don’t I really belong with Cheryl Penn and Marie Wintzer (The South African School of Subtle Aesthetic Obscurity)? But then I remembered that this is Rebecca Guyver’s conception of her network. She is eminently entitled to that. Also, this is a “snapshot in time” and the SASSAO probably rose and fell before Rebecca even joined the network. So I applaud Rebecca Guyver’s effort and look forward to the progress of this a&p.



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