Zine by the Cardboard Prince aka Robert Ridley-Shackleton (Oxford, UK)

RRS - 5.23.2016 - 1

Mail art by the Cardboard Prince aka Robert Ridley-Shackleton (Oxford, UK)

Robert Ridley-Shackleton of Cardboard Club fame sent me this fantastic piece which, in one communication, he describes as a zine. Whether zine, Tacky Little Pamphlet (TLP) or chapbook, this collection is – for me – an extraordinary serialization highlighting the Cardboard Prince’s distinctive and inventive compositions and takes them beyond the mono-page format to which we are accustomed.

I consider the Cardboard Prince among the great M-L “discoveries” (in that he kindly sends his work and I am honored to be able to document and comment upon it.) He is “original” and “authentic” (should those terms actually hold any meaning) and the Cardboard Club is always a favorable destination:


An unfolding and enfolding process is at the forefront of this gathering. (Click to enlarge!)

RRS - 5.23.2016 - 2

Note the asemic-suggestive scrawls. Or perhaps the Cardboard Prince is receiving dictations expressed in automatic writing.

RRS - 5.23.2016 - 3

RRs - 5.23.2016 - 4

Frameworks formed by theory can be misleading and deceptive, but certainly I have noted that the Cardboard Prince has affinities to the Trashpo impulse in the Eternal Network. And the interest of the Trashpoets and Kulters has in no way diminished the legions of Cardboard Prince fans.

RRS - 5.23.2016 - 5

RRS - 5.23.2016 - 6

And the back (or front? cover:

RRS - 5.23.2016 - 7

As ever, deepest thanks to the Cardboard Prince for helping to build the MinXus-Lynxus Archives. I am thrilled in particular to have this extended edition – a treasure!


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