Annette & Glitter Richard (San Francisco, California and Carbondale, Illinois)

Annette - 5.15.2016 - 1

Mail art by Annette Kesterson (San Francisco, California, USA)

Annette Kesterson has emerged as a wonderful correspondent sending me her impressions and expressions from the Bay Area. This new piece – an extraordinary beach scene made with glitter – could well be my fave thus far. Annette Kesterson probably does not know about my plans (suspended indefinitely) to stage a glitter & glam revival event via MinXus-Lynxus. So the glitter has an added resonance. Maybe it should be called “Mail art for an Imaginary Performance.” Here is a close-in:

Annette - 5.15.2016 - 2

I doubt the scans communicate the wonder of this card. Here is the reverse side:

Annette - 5.15.2016 - 3

Making a non-linear and purely associative leap, Annette Kesterson and her glitter beach and Richard Canard have formed a duality in my mind, to the point that a recent card received from Richard becomes an almost necessary pairing with Annette like Sonny and Cher or Ian and Sylvia or Donny and Marie. So two very different works appear together in this blog.

Richard - 5.15.2016 - 1

I know that some readers will wonder: How do you arrive at Glitter Richard from Richard Canard (aka Richard C)? Others with a knowledge of the obscure facts of DKult and Trashpo will recall that Richard Canard was known among some of the initiates as Litter Richard in honor of his work with found material. The leap from Litter Richard to Glitter Richard needs no explanation.

Richard - 5.15.2016 - 2

Many thanks to Richard Canard and Annette Kesterson for this outstanding mail art!


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