Junk Dada by FinnBadger as proto-Trashpo (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Finn - 5.10.2016 - 6

Mail art by FinnBadger (aka Phillip Lerche) (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Inspired by an exhibition of work by Noah Purifoy, FinnBadger created this exceptional piece of “Junk Dada,” which he has so kindly sent to me. Of course I note that this Junk Dada composition – especially given its textual emphasis – has striking similarities to Trashpo. Purifoy’s Junk Dada, I propose, might best be understood as pre-Trashpo or proto-Trashpo. Finn Badger’s kind note explains a great deal:

Finn - 5.11.2016 - 2

Exhibition text makes a wonderful mail art envelope:

Finn - 5.11.2016 - 3

And the reverse:

Finn - 5.11.2016 - 4

Deepest thanks to FinnBadger for an exceptional piece of mail art and Junk Dada!


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