The DKULTJoey Report by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Joey - 5.8.2016 - 1

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

A few weeks ago DKULT established DKULTJoey: A special California Kulter chapter to honor the achievements of mail artist Joey Patrickt. Joey Patrickt’s response has ranged somewhere between indifference and outright rejection. Tenderfoots might recall that, based on previous posts, Joey’s overall response to Trashpo and DKult has not been exactly positive. I thought it was best to just drop the whole matter. So I was very surprised to receive this DKULT piece from none other than Joey! I am not sure how to interpret the piece, but it is specifically referencing DKULT, which is a sort of triumph in and of itself.

Joey - 5.8.2-16 - 2

So many thanks to Joey Patrickt for this instant D-Klassic!


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