Post-MinXus Relic by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

E - 5.7.2016 - 1

Mail art by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

The great French mail artist E – Ambassador of Utopia is an enigma and his work – while masterly – is also a riddle. E disappears from the network without a trace for months, sometimes even years. Then suddenly he re-appears and is everywhere. We have such an occasion now. Extraordinary new work by E is popping up throughout the network.

I am fortunate indeed that he is sending me work that energizes Post-MinXus and the MinXus revival begun by Rebecca Guyver (UK). The envelope (above) would be a significant contribution to MinXus during any of its historical phases. The piece is breathtaking. Here is what was inside:

E - 5.7.2016 - 2

During the nascence of MinXus, it was determined (if I remember the timeframe correctly) that any work attributed to MinXus after 24 hours (or was it 48?) became a MinXus relic. So this work by E – Ambassador of Utopia is a relic.

E has been a great MinXus supporter and defender. He is a member of the Order of the Tangerine Mink. Yet what commentary is he making with this particular relic? That is why I call his work a riddle.

E - 5.7.2016 - 3

Those who have ridden the long and winding trail of MinXus know that it is better not to even ask a question that might yield a reasoned response. So I will thank E – Ambassador of Utopia for the work and neither speculate nor enquire concerning an intent.


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