Transcendental Woofers by DSF (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF - 5.3.2016 - 1

Mail art by DSF (aka Dopesick San Francisco) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

It’s always a thrill to receive and share a postal utterance from DSF (aka Dopesick San Francisco aka Michael Kelly) and Karina the Dog. For DSF, who is extending the depths and range of post-Punk anti-art, this card is relatively philosophical and serene. In previous posts I have made a case that – when looking at the canon – DSF actually has a message or in other words “redeeming social value.”

DSF - 5.3.2016 - 2

So it’s great to have more DSF for the archives and to offer a moment of altruistic sentiment brought to you by DSF (and Karina the Dog). Many thanks!


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