Asemic Book Pages by Terry Owenby (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 1

Mail art by Terry Owenby (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Terry Owenby generously and kindly sent me pages she has made for Moan Lisa’s (evolving) collaborative book project. These books will be organized and assembled using a process similar to what Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and I used with the Asemics 16 project. This is an ambitious undertaking for Moan Lisa and all the artists/writers involved. The result will certainly be a collection of new and significant contributions to the growing body of asemics and vispo. I have deep admiration for them.

I think Terry Owenby’s asemic calligraphy is absolutely spectacular. She creates that wonderful asemic magic where language and meaning are tantalizingly suggested and then dissipate like a mirage with scrutiny. The viewer/reader enters the field of the text and is suspended between coherence and the ineffable.

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 2

This page is my fave:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 3

Here is a close-up showing the erasure technique that is used on this particular composition:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 4

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 5

Terry Owenby also included a wonderful vispo work that is independent of the book pages:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 6

And the reverse:

Terry - 4.30.3016 - 7

And the envelope:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 9

Deepest thanks to Terry Owenby!



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