2 X Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Joey - 4.28.2016 - 1

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Some networkers and observers lament the lack of the “political” in contemporary mail art, implying the situation was once different. Others express relief that so much current work is “apolitical.” I venture to offer the opinion, highly subjective, that less work on the current scene is political when compared to other eras. But I do not believe “political” pieces were ever in the majority. My use of quotation marks is meant to express that even defining the term is problematic. Still, I would consider this pronouncement sent by Joey Patrickt to be political (or ideological) m-a. The concept certainly has relevance now and functions as New Old School.

Joey - 4.28.2016 - 2

Another card received from Joey Patrickt fits more comfortably in his Post-Urban mode:

Joey - 4.28.2016 - 3

A wonderful piece! However I believe Joey Patrickt is registering some displeasure concerning what was intended to be an honor: He was given his own DKult Chapter:

Joey - 4.28.2016 - 4

The issue is draining, but I will see what the glacial DKult bureaucracy will do with the message.

In the meantime, many thanks to Joey Patrickt.


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