Now I’m the Miss Noma Fan Club & Someone Doesn’t Like Trashpo (Boise, Idaho, USA)

Debra - 4.9.2016 - 1

Mail art by “Debra” (?) (Boise, Idaho, USA)

Hot on the heels of yet another assault by the Lone Gunman Neoist, I received this excellent but perplexing piece supposedly from “Debra” in Idaho, USA. Note it is addressed to the Miss Noma Fan Club via my address. I know there are people who believe I am both Moan Lisa and Miss Noma, but it’s simply not true. Miss Noma is a mystery to me.

This is a very, very nice piece and essentially a decorated envelope. I assume the reverse side is about Trashpo:

Debra - 4.9.2016 - 2

Of great interest is the note that was enclosed:

Debra - 4.9.2016 - 3

This looks exactly like (and is written in the same style as) letters I have seen that have been attributed to Miss Noma, if Miss Noma actually exists and sends out mail. Since I am not Miss Noma, I can only hope to pass it on to Miss Noma by posting it online. No one knows where Miss Noma resides (if Miss Noma actually exists).

I appreciate this mail art a great deal. But I think we have a serious case of mistaken identity. Perhaps Miss Noma will see this and intervene with a reply to “Debra” who is apparently a Miss Noma fan but not a Trashpo fan.


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