“Karen Elliott” Junk Mail by the “Lone Gunman” Neoist (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 1

Mail art by the “Lone Gunman” Neoist (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

I have received another envelope from the anonymous mail artist whom I have named the Lone Gunman Neoist.

I am aware of the tragic incidents in Richmond, Virginia. The term Lone Gunman Neoist was applied long before the recent events, and so I feel no reason to change the name as there simply is not the slightest connection. In fact, I doubt the Lone Gunman Neoist actually resides in Richmond. I think this is a fake address. Lone Gunman is only meant to point to the fact that I believe this individual has no connection to the Neoist movement or its members. The term “wannabe” could be even more hurtful.

MinXus-Lynxus is one of the very few blogs that discusses and encourages submissions by and/or about Neoism. So our Lone Gunman, I believe, is trying to gain visibility among the veteran Neoists. The Lone Gunman Neoist is more and more adopting the Karen Eliot and Monty Cantsin identities.

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 2

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 3

The Lone Gunman Neoist seems to be attempting to create Trashpo:

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 4

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 5

And the envelope:

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 6

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 7

Lone Gunman - 4.1.2016 - 8


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