Lucky Pierre Sends the Richard, Ray & Bob Exhibition Catalog +! New Richard C M-A (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 1

Lucky Pierre is obviously a huge Richard Canard fan. She attended the opening of the Correspondence Art Exhibition at the College of Charleston’s School of the Arts in South Carolina that featured the work of Richard Canard, Ray Johnson and Bob Ray. Lucky Pierre thoughtfully and kindly sent me a copy of the catalog, which I am thrilled to share with you. You can click to enlarge the pages.

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 2

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 3

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 4

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 5

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 6

As if an authentic copy of the exhibition catalog from the opening weren’t enough, Lucky Pierre enclosed it in a sensational envelope decorated with distinctive Lucky Pierre iconography. It is a beauty indeed and a fave piece in my growing LP collection.

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 7

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 8

And as if Lucky Pierre’s wonderful mailing were not enough, here are two authentic pieces of mail art Richard Canard sent me:

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 9

Mail art by Richard Canard (aka Richard C) (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 10

Another piece:

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 13

Richard - 3.24.2016 - 14

Deepest thanks to Lucky Pierre and Richard Canard!


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