Trashpo Trading Card by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre - 3.16.2016 - 1

Mail art by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

I received a wonderful Trashpo trading card (aka ATC, D-Kard, etc.) from (I assume) Lucky Pierre in South Carolina. This work complements my Trashpo All Stars ATC series that has been ongoing for several years. I will share a few of mine for context too, but first here is the recent piece by Lucky Pierre:

Lucky Pierre - 3.16.2016 - 2

Trashpo/DKult ATC (Artist Trading Card) by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA) 

Elgin (Illinois, USA) is, of course, the world HQs of DKult and the location of the world’s first international Trashpo exhibition (true!). Wilhelm Reich (that must be the reference) was a controversial psycho-analyst who conceived the idea of orgone energy (and accompanying orgone boxes). Some of Reich’s teachings have been adopted or are at least discussed in DKult. Here is the reverse side:

Lucky Pierre - 3.16.2016 - 3

Next are some of the cards in my own Trashpo All Stars ATC series:

Lucky Pierre ATC

Lucky Pierre ATC by DVS

DKULT Brooklyn ATC1

DKULT Brooklyn (Meeah Williams) ATC by DVS

dkonspir - 2

Diane Keys ATC by DVS

Many thanks to Lucky Pierre for introducing a new ATC into the growing canon of D-Kards!


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