Asemic Writing by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)

Aroca - 3.13.2016 - 1

Mail art by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)

I am delighted to be receiving a relatively large amount of mail art from Spain. Much of it is very interesting visual-textual work. Today I am happy to be able to add this postcard from Nadia Aroca in Barcelona to the collection. I like the economy and stamp-based quality of the presenting image. I am even more intrigued by the asemic calligraphy on the reverse side:

Aroca - 3.13.2016 - 2

Here is a closer view:

Aroca - 3.13.2016 - 3

The emphasis on writing here is refreshing, especially since so much current asemic work has drifted into abstract art and lost touch with (IMHO) the linguistic elements that make asemic writing interesting and connect it too visual poetry and something new under the sun. Nadia Aroca makes asemic correspondence here with a style that incorporates cursive writing and the overlay concept.

Many thanks!

Nadia Aroca provides a link to a very interesting webpage on her IUOMA page:


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