New Message from “Lone Gunman” Neoist (Berlin, Germany (?)

Lone Gunman - 3.11.2016 - 1

Mail art by the “Lone Gunman” Neoist (location unknown)

I’ve received another missive from, I am assuming, the same individual who sent material referencing Monty Cantsin and Luther Blissett. Previous (possibly deceptive) evidence indicates this person is in the Richmond, Virginia, USA area. Now the fakery is pointing to Germany or Mexico or even Seattle? (No, I do not believe this is from David Zack!).

So the mystery Neoist (I am guessing) is still “out there” somewhere seeking to exploit the massive visibility that the MinXus-Lynxus site offers. I certainly do follow any activities that might be considered Post-Neo. I am now identifying this person as the “Lone Gunman” Neoist because none of my extensive connections in the Neoist community will admit to knowing anything about this character. I believe them.

I have never known a Neoist to be much concerned about typographical errors, but that is the topic of this mailing. That is (below) appropriated M-L blog text:

Lone Gunman - 3.11.2016 - 2

The idea of Neoists blossoming in relative isolation and then reaching out to others is part of the original design. It is possible that our “Lone Gunman” is now attempting to communicate with and impress the numerous members of the Neoist conspiracy who follow MinXus-Lynxus. The desire for approval by real Neoists and to show them he is worthy becomes overwhelming to individuals exhibiting this profile. Sadly, I doubt the secret masters of Neoism are very impressed with a proofreading exercise.

Here is the envelope:

Lone Gunman - 3.11.2016 - 3

So ends another installment in the strange case of the “Lone Gunman” Neoist. While speculation occurs here, I admit it is not possible to know how this small piece might play into a much larger design.


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