Brooke Cooks’ Occasional Post-Pop (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Brooke - 3.10.2016 - 1

Mail art by Brooke Cooks (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Before any more time passes, I want to be sure to acknowledge this wonderful Valentine’s Day card from Brooke Cooks. She did a very thoughtful and creative mailing to networkers this year. Sometimes I want to appropriate and alter a familiar mail-art slogan to read: “Mail art and holidays don’t mix.” But Brooke Cooks created an exception, if she did not change the rules of the game altogether.

Brooke - 3.10.2016 - 2

I deeply appreciate that Brooke Cooks so kindly included me.

Brooke - 3.10. 2016 - 3

Brooke - 3.10.2016 - 4

Thank you, Brooke!


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