From the Post-MinXus Front: Rebecca Guyver’s “Altered Life” Changes Everything (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - 3.6.2016 - 1

Cover of Altered Life by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

In a previous blog post prompted by MinXus-themed work received from Rebecca Guyver, I argued against the possibility of Post-MinXus art. With the arrival of Altered Life, an absolutely sensational boekie by Rebecca, I am compelled to recant my earlier position and concede the existence of Post-MinXus. Rebecca Guyver might be the first and only practitioner, but she deserves credit for a Post-MinXus sensibility hewn from hard and barren terrain. She has, indeed, ignited a (subdued) MinXus Revival. In more practical terms, perhaps MinXus-Lynxus is riding upon Trashpo’s coattails.

Rebecca - 3.6.2016 - 2

Altered Life is a boekie composed on eight panels. The images seem more like ambitious paintings than book pages. They invoke the Western themes from classical MinXus and present them using a strange but effective mix of Post-Pop and Rebecca Guyver’s trademark pastel abstractions.

Rebecca - 3.6.2016 - 3

Altered Life is a study in MinXus iconography that provides a new context in the vastness of what I perceive to be references to American landscape painting. If this is not actually the case or simply does not resonate, then I point to the shrinking of the symbols within the vastness of Rebecca’s creations. These pieces seem much larger than they, in fact, are.

Rebecca - 3.6.2016 - 4

Rebecca - 3.6.2016 - 5

The boekie arrived plasticized:

Rebecca - 3.6.2016 - 6

Many thanks to Miss Becca!



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