Doodle Therapy by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

FinnBadger - 3.6.2016 - 1

Mail art by FinnBadger (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

I am thrilled to share a subtle, abstract work by FinnBadger. The piece is on sturdy cardboard and invites subjective response. I see the contours of a topographic map, and I think of the associative DKult Doodle Therapy pieces that Rebecca Guyver (UK) has made and/or inspired. The piece has received some minor dings and blemishes passing through the postal system. According to at least one school of thought in mail art, those are welcome alterations to the piece.

FinnBadger - 3.6.2016 - 2

FinnBadger is a gracious correspondent. Many thanks for this excellent work!


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