2 X Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Joey - 2.28.2016 - 1

Mail art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

I’m thrilled to share two deeply cryptic works by mail art master Joey Patrickt. Both words and images are working in this piece. Does it qualify as Post-Urban?

Joey - 2.28.2016 - 2

I think Joey Patrickt is New Old School drawing from Ray Johnson as well as the polished surface work that has evolved on the USA West Coast. While I see historical resonance, the work is contemporary and never sinks into nostalgia or reiteration.

Joey - 2.28.2016 - 3

I note an architectural preoccupation in these two pieces.

Joey - 2.28.2016 - 4

And for those already not so fortunate as to be hip to it, visit the Crosstown Correspondence blog that documents the epical exchanges between Joey Patrickt and Ray Mantico. This is, in my estimation, one of the foundational mail art projects of our time. You can see ceaselessly inventive work and observe a crazy dialectic.


Thanks as ever to Joey!


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