The Post-MinXus Condition

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 1

Mail art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

The collapse of MinXus in 2014 has gone without commentary, and certainly many were relieved when it passed. Now, the circulation of (very fine) “replica” MinXus relics by Rebecca Guyver (seen in this posting) as well as postings by Moan Lisa of authentic MinXus and Anti-MinXus relics suggests the possibility of a Post-MinXus condition that I feel must be addressed.

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 2

Given the original conditions of MinXus-Lynxus, a MinXus Revival, Neo-MinXus or Post-MinXus are an impossibility. The core definition is “MinXus is the opposite of Trashpo.” Therefore, MinXus will exist as long as there is Trashpo. This work by Rebecca Guyver suggests a MinXus-Trashpo synthesis, but such a unification of opposites is impossible. This work by Rebecca Guyver also suggests the duality and simultaneity of MinXus and Trashpo. That is more accurate. In its present state, MinXus has reverted to the position of Holism. MinXus exists as a void. Thus the reason for the presence of Holism within MinXus is at last revealed.

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 3

Given the tenets of retro-futurism, MinXus has now entered the Pre-MinXus phase. Essentially, put in simple terms, Minxus is moving backwards in time and space. The current MinXus condition is, then, Pre-MinXus. All MinXus relics are FauX MinXus or FauXus or FauXPas. They will become authentic MinXus relics when MinXus is invented in the future. However, the reality of the situation is more complex. Some of the MinXus relics are partially real and partially FauXus. The ratio is slowly changing and cannot be physically observed but can be seen, for instance, when looking at older scans. The Tangerine Mink is a persistent symbol that does not change as the Order of the Tangerine Mink maintains a balance with the remaining 14 Secret Masters of the World.

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 4

And the envelope:

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 5

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 6

Rebecca - 2.23.2016 - 7

Many thanks to Rebecca Guyver!


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