Fluffy Mail Art by Unknown (Orlando, Florida, USA (?)

KDJ - 2.22.2016 - 1

Mail Art by Unknown (Orlando, Florida, USA)

I received this very large postcard-size, laminated mail art from (I think) Orlando, Florida, headquarters of Disney World. My guess is that the work is by none other than the ubiquitous yet ethereal mail art legend KDJ (aka KDJ Jay), although I am not 100% certain. Some, of course, dispute the existence of KDJ. But certainly others will remember when she was an active IUOMA member and can attest to her existence as a real person.

Some friends are aware of the “fluffy” vs. “serious” argument taking place in Trashpo and DKult circles. Mark Bloch (New York City) is a main proponent and promoter of the “fluffy” contingent. It is possible this could be cleverly disguised work by Mark Bloch. I can’t rule it out.

KDJ - 2.22.2016 - 2

Any insight you can offer would be appreciated. Otherwise, thanks for the fluff!


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