DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8 by Rebecca Guyver & Trashpo All Stars (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 1

Cover of DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8, Before the Sunset Fades, compiled by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

The new DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8 has already been documented elsewhere. However, I am a huge fan of this publication and want to have my own record, which of course is always available to friends; so here are scans of the entire issue.

Before the Sunset Fades is highly collaborative and features an all-star assembly of trashpoets as well as a few “Normals.” Rebecca Guyver coordinates, produces and contributes to the issues. The rest of the contributors to issue #8 are Vizma Bruns (Australia), Carina Granlund (Finland), Amy Irwen (USA), Figgy Guyver (UK), Cecil Beaton (UK) (appropriated material), and Annabel Ridley (UK).

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 2

Rebecca Guyver did a very nice credits page, which I think was a good idea. Here is a closer look:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 3

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 4

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 5

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 6

I finally have my own copy of the “DKult Museum” piece.

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 7

A close-up of a page I like especially:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 8

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 9

Back cover of Before the Sunset Fades (DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8)

Always self-effacing, Rebecca Guyver included a postcard with a self-critique:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 10

A wonderful bonus on the reverse side:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 11

I do not understand Rebecca’s disappointment. I believe TLP #8 is a huge success. Deepest thanks for sending a copy!


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