DKult Chain Letter by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre - 2.20.2016 - 1

Mail art by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre scores for retro-conceptual brilliance with this recycled chain letter, altered to serve the greater glory of DKult. What an amazing idea!

I remember my parents routinely receiving chain letters and pyramid schemes through the mail, so they must have been common. They are curious artifacts and, of course, now have equivalents on the internet; but the digital messages can never reproduce the strange sometimes Masonic sometimes sideshow qualities of the strangely worded, printed and copied letters with their often magical invocations and/or pseudo-science.


Lucky Pierre - 2.20.2016 - 2

Coincidentally, I have sometimes pondered if Ray Johnson and other early network architects had some sort of pyramid scheme structure in mind when they considered the idea of spreading an alternative culture through the postal system. The model, theoretically, could result in reaching millions of people. Depending on how you calculate the numbers, a case could be made that is exactly what happened in the 80s. I could see John Cage, for instance, making that type of calculation. The first mail art I received from New York City many, many years ago did often seem to be part of some multiple copy scheme. Anyway, that is simply idle speculation.

Many thanks to Lucky Pierre for yet another wonderful piece!


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