Cardboard Club News by Robert Ridley-Shackleton (Oxford, UK)

RRS - 2.19.2016 - 1

Mail art by Robert Ridley-Shackleton (Oxford, UK)

Musician Robert Ridley-Shackleton’s compelling (anti-)art has captured the fancy of the Eternal Network where he is receiving praise and attracting interest. His Cardboard Club project, which has a Ray Johnson ambiance, is yet another affinity he has with the global network. Do not miss the Cardboard Club! It’s definitely worth a visit:

Ridley-Shackleton is receiving special attention from the Trashpoets and DKulters. He speaks to those of post-Neoist and post-Fluxus persuasions, apparently. He has done some notable collaboration work with Diane Keys (Illinois, USA) as well as visual poet John M. Bennett (Ohio, USA). I am pleased to share another mailing received from Robert Ridley-Shackleton that arrived at the end of 2015.

RRS - 2.19.2016 - 2

RRS - 2.16.2016 - 3

Mail art by Robert Ridley-Shackleton (Oxford, UK)

On the other side:

RRS - 2.19.2016 - 4

RRS - 2.19.2016 - 5

Deepest thanks to Robert Ridley-Shackleton for sending more original work!


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