In Which I Receive Mail for Luther Blissett (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Luther - 1.29.2016 - 1

Mail art by unknown Neoist (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Someone in Richmond, Virginia is either a Neoist from the Golden Age or someone who knows a good deal about Neoism. I do not believe these are being sent by Dan Mouer. He has never shown any interest in Neoism, and this is not his style.

Today I am documenting two batches received from the unknown Richmond Neoist connection. One of the envelopes is addressed to Luther Blissett. At MinXus-Lynxus, I tend to focus on the Neoist multiple user identities of Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot. Luther Blissett is another one of these identities, widely known in the Eternal Network and probably the most successful of the three named. I would venture to contend that Luther Blissett completes the trinity of the “open pop stars” of the Neoist project. If Luther Blissett is not properly a Neoist moniker because be arrived later, he is certainly associated with and was created by individuals who are associated with Neoism:

Luther - 1.29.2016 - 2

Note that the return address on this envelope uses an asemic name. Here is the reverse side:

Luther - 1.29.2016 - 4

Here is the second envelope addressed to Luther Blissett:

Luther - 1.29.2016 - 6

Inside was this collage. Note the type-over text:

Luther - 1.29.2016 - 5

Like most Neoist mailings, the piece is cryptic and mysterious. I am always waiting to see what will arrive next from Richmond.


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