Study in Black & White by Susan Mc Allister (Berkeley, California, USA)

Susan - 1.27.2016 - 1

Mail art by Susan Mc Allister (Berkeley, California, USA)

Work by individual mail artists tends to travel in wave-like patterns. Those attentive to the flux of the Eternal Network have recently been enjoying new work by Susan Mc Allister that is popping up in mail boxes and then being posted on the internet.

I am thrilled to have received this new, postcard-size piece from Susan that seems part of the recent wave. Her abstract style (not unlike what those engaged in DKult Doodle Therapy are doing) is being continually refined. I believe it reaches a new level in this piece. The organic quality is still present. But for me the piece utilizes in the most interesting way an exploration of geometry and machine-like structures. Both vertical and horizontal views reveal interesting relationships in the piece. I think this view is very interesting:

Susan - 1.27.2016 - 2

I will not relegate this work to the realm of asemic writing/art. Yet I note that there are definite asemic or at least asemic-suggestive symbols in the work that provide more depth. They add to the syntactic quality (the way a sentence is composed of small units aka words) of the piece.

Susan - 1.27.2016 - 3

Congratulations to Susan Mc Allister on the success of this great new series. Many thanks for including me!


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