A Dopesick San Francisco (DSF) Reprise (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF - 1.15.2016 - 1

Mail art by Dopesick SF (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

In early December (2015) I posted lengthy commentary on current mail art M-L Top Ten rave DSF. The official M-L position on DSF remains the same:


I am currently engaged in trying to document and file in the MinXus-Lynxus Archives work from the previous year. The Road Warrior-inspired card seems to have fallen through the cracks and there is a second classic Karina the Dog card that was sent for whatever reason (glad to have it). What’s next from DSF? 2015 was packed with iconic work and instant classics. A new year of triumphs ahead, I’ll wager.

DSF - 1.15.2016 - 2

Thanks to DSF!



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