From Mars Tokyo’s Lingerie Series (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Mars - 1.11.2016 - 1

Mail art by Mars Tokyo (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Continuing with a fashion theme, I am thrilled to share work received from Mars Tokyo. This is part of a women’s fashion series she has done lately, which is being documented on various internet venues.

Tenderfoots who have traveled the Long & Dusty Trail for a few years might remember art by Jen Staggs (formerly of Texas, USA). Jen was steeped in fashion history, and her pieces were complex gender studies. Mars Tokyo, I believe, accomplishes something similar in her series, as these pieces have a retro aspect that examines the changing role of women, especially in the context of advertising.

This work by Mars Tokyo also has a certain allegiance to the ubiquitous PostPop in the Eternal Network but it is far more than an engaging surface. The addition of text to this particular piece pulls the work into the image-textual realm. What should not be overlooked, however, is the studious formal quality involving especially shape and repetition and the allusion to fetishism. All in all, this is a very interesting and multi-faceted series by Mars Tokyo.

Mars - 1.11.2016 - 2

As ever, thanks to Mars Tokyo!


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