Art Action by Clark Hollenberg (Claremont, California, USA)

Clark - 1.5.2016 -1

Mail art by Clark Hollenberg (Claremont, California, USA)

On behalf of MinXus-Lynxus, I extended a big “Howdy” and secret handshake to Clark Hollenberg who appears for the first time upon this humble blog.

I call this mailing by Clark Hollenberg, with a postcard-size centerpiece, an art action (or action art) because I see in this work a harnessing of energy and enthusiasm for the IDEA of the Eternal Network. Every mail art exchange is an art action and performance, and this piece draws attention to that perspective.

I believe art and thinking about the network are always relevant because they usually support the idea and practice of an alternative culture outside the mainstream based on dynamic, one-on-one human relations that are ungoverned. Clark Hollenberg’s expresses movement and dynamism, capturing the physics of the network that Ruud Janssen explores.

Certainly the network is ever-changing and now involves both the digital and material realms. A foundation of shared ideals is the continuity. Obviously, this piece by Clark Hollenberg is inspiring for me. I hope it is for others as well. The ideas are expressed textually as well:

Clark - 1.5.2016 - 2

The silver packaging is very powerful:

Clark - 1.5.2016 - 3

Clark - 1.5.2016 - 4

Many thanks to Clark Hollenberg!


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