“Roots of the Sky” by Lin Tarczynski (Santa Barbara, California, USA)

Lin - 1.4.2016 - 1

Mail art by Lin Tarczynski (Santa Barbara, California, USA)

Lin Tarczynski is, in my estimation, an amazingly talented visual poet and an asemic writing pioneer. I am a big fan of her work, so I was both thrilled and surprised to receive this beautiful and professional card from none other than Lin. The content and breadth of Lin Tarczynski’s work is worth a long look, if you are not already familiar. Much can be found online. Here is a detail from the card:

Lin - 1.4.20156- 2

She creates glyphs and larger structures that are language-suggestive. Lin Tarczynski definitely deals with scale in terms of asemic compositions. She has, for instance, created an ambitious asemic novel:


One very interesting aspect of the Tarczynski canon is her work with asemic comics and asemic-vispo graphic novels. The comics at her “Geranium Lake Properties” are FAB:


This mixing of asemics with popcult is a fascinating idea; and in her hands, it is very successful.


Lin - 1.4.2015 - 3

Even this fine card with “Roots of the Sky” plays upon the idea of asemics produced for a mass audience, which is related to the concept of applying the obscure practice of asemic writing to everyday life. Many artists and writers have described how the practice of making asemics leads to an increased awareness: They come to see mysterious signs and symbols everywhere. Put another way, they begin to see the world as a text. Lin Tarczynski is one such artist/writer who is transforming our perceptions.

Lin - 1.4.2016 - 4

Lin - 1.4.2016 - 5

Many thanks to Lin Tarczynski for this unexpected gift!




  1. lcmt · January 6, 2016

    Thank you, DVS! I’m going to link the heck out of this post!


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