A Pataphysics Revival by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands)

Ruud - 12.18.2015 - 1

Mail art by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands)

Like DaDa, Fluxus, Neoism and visual poetry (among others), Pataphysics is a larger cultural tendency (or movement?) that has a long-standing affinity with the Eternal Network. To suggest IUOMA founder and acclaimed mail artist Ruud Janssen has launched a pataphysics revival is an overstatement, yet his recent pataphysical pieces are achieving enough presence and praise to cause at least a renewed awareness. For those unfamiliar with the complexities of pataphysics, here is one place to begin that is English-language centered:


Ruud - 12.18.2015 - 3

Pataphysics is certainly enjoying renewed interest among conceptual writers (especially those working with Oulipo) and others, especially, working in the intermedia postavant. Mail artists should benefit as well. Ruud Janssen’s new pataphysical pieces seem to be inspired by the appearance of the mysterious Miss Noma upon the current scene. Miss Noma has an intimate knowledge of what I call the avant tropes.

Ruud - 12.18.2015 - 2

To the best of my knowledge, not much more is known about Miss Noma now than was known when Ruud Janssen was preparing this missive, at least from the Mink Ranch perspective. Ruud Janssen seems to know more than most of us. (My documentation, as usual, lags behind time received.) I am “keeping my ear to the ground,” as they say, concerning Miss Noma. I shall report when news breaks. I have more mail to open and peruse.

Ruud - 12.18.2015 - 4

Thanks, as ever, to Ruud Janssen!


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