MinXus Mail Bag: Goodbye New Jersey – Cleo Joins DKULTPA (Wernersville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Cleo - 12.16.2015 - 1

Mail art by Cleo (Wernersville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Eternal Network members and watchers are already likely familiar with this FAB piece by Cleo aka Claire announcing her relocation to an amazing new home in Pennsylvania. She certainly mixes art and life in Fluxus fashion here, and I am thrilled to share this piece I received from her even if you already have seen it elsewhere. Some of the pieces in this collection are, I think, unique.

Cleo - 12.26.2015 - 2

Cleo receives consistent raves for her aesthetic, meticulous and deeply thoughtful mail art. Her style and talent are evident in this work that is more functional than many other pieces she has done.. A major irony is that Cleo is identified with and embraced by the trashpoets when it would seem she truly is “the opposite of Trashpo.” This esteem likely comes from her grounding in the historic avant garde and the influence of Kurt Schwitters that is so evident in her art. As a result, she has had a big impact on the evolution of Trashpo. Cleo’s epherma is a celebrated element of her mailings, and this package includes some intriguing examples:

Cleo - 12.16.2015 - 3

Cleo - 12.16.2015 - 4

Did Cleo leave New Jersey and the New York City area due to the constant DKult strife in that area involving Meeah Williams and the controversial formation of DKult-Brooklyn and the decimation of DKULTNY? Erica Durante continues her valiant efforts as President of DKULTJER. Cleo is now a member of the vast and peaceful DKULTPA (DKult Pennsylvania). In truth, I doubt DKult turmoil was the cause for her move. Regardless, I am very happy for her and deeply appreciate that she sent this art.

Cleo - 12.16.2015 - 5

Cleo - 12.16.2015 - 6


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