MinXus Mail Bag: Halloween Card by Thomas Brown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Brown - 12.11.2015 - 1

Mail art by Thomas Brown (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

We were thrilled to receive mail from Thomas Brown. Our once faithful Baltimore correspondent (a vital link in the MinXus network) seemed to have gone M.I.A. We do admit to being perplexed by the image. This is not the usual Brownian pithy blend of pop comedy and conceptualism. In fact, we thought at first it was another puzzle piece from Jude Weirmeir in California. The kind message on the other side from Thomas Brown explains things partially:

Brown - 12.11.2015 - 2

So we have a Halloween 2016 card from Thomas Brown! This is a brilliant move, given sharing mail received with our dear Tenderfoots can be slow here at the Mink Ranch. We are ahead of the game too, and we do like Halloween. Tenderfoots who have traveled far with us on the Long and Dusty Trail and are well-versed in MinXus trivia know that October 31 is Dark wall’s birthday. The occasion of Halloween explains the orange and black; however, we cannot discern what the image represents.

All the same, deepest thanks to Thomas Brown!


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