MinXus Mail Bag: Visual Poetry Book by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 1

From Visual Poetry by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matthew Stolte in the great state of Visconsin sent us a collection that showcases the range of styles that represent the main strains of his visual poetry. The book has a total of 16 pages/panels. Rather than document the entire piece and thus essentially publish a digital edition, we will share with you – our dearest Tenderfoots – our fave pieces. Here is a view of the cover:

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 2

Next is the inside front cover page spread with essential information on the book. Matthew Stolte’s imprint is no doubt familiar to many of our faithful Tenderfoots (click image to enlarge):

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 3

Matt - 12.102015 - 4

This (above) is a classic black and white Matthew Stolte composition from Visual Poetry that is text-centric and uses maximum distortion as well as the cut-up technique.

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 5

Visual Poetry also includes collage-based, text-image pieces. We like this one (above) especially.

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 6

This piece clearly shows Matthew Stolte’s use of stamps to achieve effects via overlays. Distortion is a key element in his work that achieves multiple purposes including defamiliarization and the creation of asemic sequences. Here is the envelope in which the book arrived:

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 7

And the back cover of Visual Poetry:

Matt - 12.10.2015 - 8

Deepest thanks to Matthew Stolte. And make sure to visit his Construction Sea, one of our fave vispo blogs:




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