MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic Vispo by Marcela Peral (Rosario, Argentina)

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 1

Mail art by Marcela Peral (Rosario, Argentina)

Marcela Peral is a visual poet and artist who is active in the Eternal Network. We are thrilled to have received this new work from her. We first became familiar with Marcela Peral’s work during the Asemics 16 collaborative books project that was headquartered at IUOMA-Ning circa 2011-12. We quickly became big fans of her particular blend of visual poetry and asemics.

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 2

Marcela Peral has a particular gift for book arts. This work she sent us is a regular A4 (approx. 8.5 X 11 inches) sheet. The folding is suggestive of book pages. Here is a detail shot:

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 3

This work has a copy art quality. She makes maximum use of textures and tonality often associated with copy art aka xerolage. In fact, we were not able to capture in scans the exceptional nature of the work. In other words, it is a lot nicer than it appears here upon our humble blog.

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 4

A closer look at her stamp:

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 5

And the envelope:

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 6

Marcela - 11.22.2015 - 7

Wonderful to receive mail from old friend Marcela Peral!


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