MinXus Mail Bag: Visual Poetry by Robin Tomens (London, UK)

Tomens - 1

Visual poetry by Robin Tomens (London, UK)

These arrived via the electronic mail bag, but the fact remains we are positively thrilled to share with you work by Robin Tomens in London. Tenderfoots are surely aware by now that we are partial to textual-centered vispo rooted in concrete poetry. Robin Tomens complies with the aesthetic brilliantly and masterfully. For us, these are tremendous finds! His work also shows an awareness of the possibilities of the cut-up method of William S. Burroughs. As a result, we also find marvelous disruptions and discontinuities along the way to, paradoxically, the composition of fascinating new texts.

Tomens - 2

Lately, we have written about “avant tropes,” and Robin Tomens obviously has at his command a knowledge of numerous avant tropes, which are used in these works to achieve maximum positive results. For instance, the sometimes stiff, overly formal quality of classic concrete poetry is absent in this vispo. They capture movement, and perhaps more to the point, energy.

Tomens - 3

The pieces exist on several levels including: They are (for the most part) readable in a conventional sense. They exist as visual image constructs (color, tone, repetition, etc.). They accomplish image-text synthesis. They are literal deconstructions. We see them as being profoundly materialist, in that they approach language as a physical substance. Materiality might indeed be a concept that needs further re-evaluation and exploration in the context of the digital realm.

Tomens - 4

Overlays are used to full advantage.

Tomens - 5

We believe Robin Tomens expresses a lyricism in these pieces that reveals the connection to poetry, from whence they ultimately came.

Tomens - 6

Deepest thanks to Robin Tomens for sharing this wonderful vispo! And make sure to check out these links:






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