Instant Classic Mail Art History Trilogy by Gü (Norwich, UK)

Gina - 11.7.2015 - 1

Mail art by Gü (aka Gina Ulgen) (Norwich, UK) 

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the three original collages that comprise a mail art history trilogy (triptych), which has already received considerable praise and acclaim, have found a permanent home in the MinXus-Lynxus archives where they will be preserved assiduously for posterity and shared at appropriate intervals.

This extraordinary trilogy is by the UK artist currently known as Gü. We believe we betray no great confidence in reporting that some also know Gü from a previous incarnation as Gina Ulgen, who has achieved recognition as a collage artist under that identity. We believe we see her style having an impact on others in the Eternal Network. We are in an era where established artists are changing their identities. This creates “brand confusion,” but nothing too serious.

Gina - 11.7.2015 - 2

We were very fortunate to obtain these one-of-a-kind works. We thank Gü for having the confidence in M-L to entrust us with these treasures. They were obtained through a circuitous route. Why and how they came to us is a shocking tale of mail art intrigue and dissimulation, which – sadly dearest Tenderfoots – we are not at liberty to share with you, ever. Our lips are sealed, as they say. But clues abound for our vigilant sleuths. We trust some will read between the lines and can reconstruct the cautionary tale embedded herein.

Gina - 11.7.2015 - 3

With brilliance and attendance to detail and historical narrative, the collage sequence focuses on three great pillars of the mail art network so deeply influenced by Ray Johnson and its connection to what has come to be called “the historic avant garde”: The New York Correspondance [sic] School, Fluxus and Da Da.

Gina - 11.7.2015 - 4

Here is the DaDa piece:

Gina - 11.7.2015 - 5

And the reverse:

Gina - 11.7.2015 - 6

A second installment of work by Gü will follow soon. We feel the trilogy deserves its own space and documentation. Deepest thanks to Gü!


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