MinXus Mail Bag: Diverse Mail Art Collection by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands)

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 1

Mail art by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands)

Receiving mail from Ruud Janssen is always an occasion here at the Mink Ranch, and the missive blogged today is no exception. We have a diverse array of stamps, vispo and other art work. We begin with one of Ruud Janssen’s stamp collection sheets that are recognizable to many networkers. We have both the classic Fluxus and DKULTN stamps. Here is the reverse side:

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 2

A central attraction of the mailing is a colorful poster. Unfortunately, the work is so large we do not have the capability of presenting the image in one piece. At least you can get a sense of it. The written messages are very interesting::

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 3

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 4

The reverse side:

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 5

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 6

As the work above indicates, Ruud Janssen has been producing image-text as well as asemic work lately. Included in this mailing is a very interesting experimental work:

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 7

The reverse:

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 8

Some smaller pieces on cards (a kind of ATC?) as well:

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 9

Ruud Janssen is widely known for his hand-painted envelopes. We are thrilled to add another to the collection:

Ruud - 10.28.2015 - 10

As ever, deepest thanks to Ruud Janssen for a superb mail art package!


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