MinXus Mail Bag: Missive from Thom Courcelle (Rutland, Vermont, USA)

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 1

Mail art by Thom Courcelle (Rutland, Vermont, USA)

We are thrilled to have received mail from old friend Tom Courcelle – one of the first wave Trashpoets – and find he has relocated from Seattle, Washington to Rutland, Vermont. Thom Courcelle will long be remembered in Trashpo history, but his talents are diverse and his interests are wide. He creates much more than Trashpo. For instance, we find the piece he sent us above fascinating and engaging: This appears to be a work in the style of Ray Johnson. Here is another piece included in the missive:

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 2

And the reverse:

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 3

As evidenced throughout this posting, Thom Courcelle’s work with stamps just keeps getting better.

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 4

He has also been drawing. We hope he is able to connect with Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK). Thom could likely make important contributions to the DKult Doodle Therapy project.

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 5

All this came in a FAB envelope:

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 6

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 7

Thom - 10.5.2015 - 8

Many thanks and great to hear from Thom Courcelle!


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