MinXus Mail Bag: Zine by Lady & Lord Fugue w/Haddock, Music Master, DKA Post (Hickory, North Carolina, USA)

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 1

Mail art by Lady and Lord Fugue of Sky City with Network luminaries Haddock, Music Master and DKA Post (Hickory, North Carolina, USA)

We have admired the lush and complex imagery of Lord Fugue that we have seen online for a while now even though he is mostly unknown to us. So we were thrilled to receive a substantial package of work by Lady and Lord Fugue and welcome them to the Mink Ranch. A main attraction in this mailing for us is this (add & pass?) zine (what else can we call it?) that features work by USA Eternal Network veterans and luminaries Haddock (Oregon, USA), Music Master aka Tom Cassidy (Minnesota, USA) and DKA Post aka Darlene Altschul (California, USA).

Tender Foots must surely know by now we have been Eerie Billy Haddock fans for a long time. Haddock is given credit for inventing the Tacky Little Pamphlet (TLP), among other things. We also are great admirers of Music Master, especially his collabs with John M. Bennett (Ohio, USA). Here is the inside of the zine:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 2

And the back cover:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 3

Lord Fugue included a kind note:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 4

Some great art on the reverse side:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 5

These were also included:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 6

All of it came in this great envelope:

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 7

Lord Fugue - 10.3.2015 - 8


DKA Artpost aka Darlene Altschul:


Music Master aka Tom Cassidy


Eerie Billy Haddock



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