MinXus Mail Bag: FAB Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) by Tammy Riggins (Clarksville, Tennessee, USA)

Tammy - 9.17.2015 - 1

Mail art by Tammy Riggins (Clarksville, Tennessee, USA)

The venerable and distinguished ATC (Artist Trading Card) is enjoying a resurgence (or at least a blast of popularity) in the Eternal Network, especially among the Mail Art NoveauX folks who are circulating cards widely and even making innovations, especially with “buddy jams” and other activites.

Tammy Riggins kindly sent us three wonderful ATCS she made that we are thrilled to share here. The pieces are small, approximately 2 X 3 inches. She manages, we think, to make remarkably effective use of the space and format. The ATC above is a well-integrated image-text work with asemic elements. With a certain amount of dissonance, anti-art sentiment and apparent randomness, the work has many of the qualities of contemporary Trashpo. We wonder if Tammy Riggins is venturing into new territory with this piece? Regardless, we find the card very impressive as vispo and/or image-text. Here is the reverse side:

Tammy - 9.17.2015 - 2

Tammy Riggins’ careful documentation is very effective. The other two pieces are far more representational and have their own unique charms.

Tammy - 9.17.2015 - 3

This is a wonderful piece to circulate as mail art! It is worth noting that much Mail Art NoveauX (contemporary mail art in a folk art mode) employs traditional, representational painting and drawing, while those working in the post-avant spirit seem to be rejecting the idea of “art” all together as fervently or even more fervently than in the days of Ray Johnson and especially Fluxus. A wonderful aspect of this diversity is that everyone creates what they like and exchange all different kinds of work freely. Mutual acceptance and support still seems to reign. This can only serve to encourage synthesis of many ideas and approaches.

Tammy - 9.17.2015 - 4

And another:

Tammy - 9.17.2015 - 5

The reverse:

Tammy - 9.17.2015 - 6

Tammy Riggins sends her work in excellent envelopes:

Tammy - 9.19.2015 - 7

Tammy - 9.19.2015 - 8

Many thanks to Tammy Riggins!


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