MinXus Mail Bag: Epical Fluxus Mail Art by Cleo aka Claire Dinsmore (Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA)

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 16

Mail art by Cleo aka Claire Dinsmore (Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA)

Part I: Fluxus

We have not received mail from Claire Dinsmore in a long time. (We prefer that name to the others because that was the name she used when we first met her.) This package we are sharing with you now was well worth the wait. She sent a spectacular and bursting mail art tour-de-force that we will share in two parts.

Claire Dinsmore’s art is aesthetic, elegant, intelligent as well as self-reflective. In fact, we believe she is having an influence on many artists in the network who admire and follow her work. The pieces we have selected to document in Part I follow a Fluxus theme or, put another way, build upon mail art produced in the spirit of Fluxus that has appeared in the network for decades. Claire is well aware of the various artistic strains that have shaped the network and persist today. She moves among modes freely and effortlessly. adapting them to her own style. Her interpretation of Fluxus is what we find most interesting here. We see this package as a series of conscious allusions rather than a largely unconscious declaration of influence.

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 1

All the pieces were meticulously organized and wrapped. Even the tape is part of the art. A closer look:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 2

Opening and exploring the work is an interactive, sensory experience. In this and other mail art pieces we have seen by Claire Dinsmore, we believe the classic Flux Kit is the underlying model she uses to create her own successful package. She includes fascinating, sometimes found, material in envelopes inside envelopes. The cryptic quality so often found in mail art is utilized.

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 3

The contents:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 4

Reverse sides:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 5

Here is a close up of a FAB ATC using material from Fluxlist:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 6

Even more detail:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 7

Here are some interesting stamps on the reverse side. Apparently Claire Dinsmore assembled this amazing creation over a period of time:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 8

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 9

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 15

Claire Dinsmore included a kind note:

Claire - 9.6.2015 - 17

We are absolutely thrilled Claire Dinsmore sent us this wonderful mail art that is, at least in part, an homage to Fluxus and its impact on mail art. We still have more work from this one package to share. Stay tuned for Part II where we will explore Claire’s paradoxical but important contributions to Trashpo.




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  2. Cleo · September 21, 2015

    You’re a love De Villo! You make one feel so appreciated… All the layers of meaning that go into my work permeate your consciousness beautifully…articulated by you deliciously! Thank you my friend!


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