MinXus Mail Bag: DKULTX Research Issue by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

BG - 9.3.2015 - 1

Cover of DKULTX Research Issue (August 2015) by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

Trashpo has circulated regularly in the Eternal Network since 2010. Various DKult chapters soon emerged after that date, and some have been responsible for fanzines and fanzine-style items that chronicle aspects of what Diane Keys has called “the DKult military industrial complex.” (DKult is best described as a fan club for Trashpoets or an organization for those who have more than a passing interest in Trashpo.)

Since the bitter disputes that engulfed and led to the decline if not collapse of the once-powerful DKult chapters of the Northeastern United States (DKULTNY; DKULTBRO (Brooklyn); DKULTJER (New Jersey), DKULTX (Texas) has emerged as a leader in Trashpo and DKult (as well as international chapters). Much of this leadership and presence in Texas is due to the publications of the DKult Fan Club Press in Austin and the considerable talents of mail artist Borderline Grafix, already a seasoned veteran who was a participant in the Age of Zines and a frontline spectator, at least, during the reign of Neoism. This experience is clearly serving him well in the bewildering world of Trashpo, DKult and T.O.X.I.S. conspiracies. We are thrilled to have received and to document the DKULTX Research Issue.

BG - 9.3.2015 - 2

The DKULTX Research Issue is a visual triumph, bordering on being visual poetry. A vispo influence seems present in the piece. Yet the fanzine aesthetic remains intact; the issue is filled with fascinating Kulter lore as well. (Is this issue giving a nod (and a wink) to the Neoist Research Institute and/or David Zack’s Immortality Centre in Mexico?). DKult with The Clinic, Personality Modulation Machines, etc. has similar legends.

BG - 9.2.1015 - 3

Recent discussions at IUOMA-Ning have re-affirmed that a component of the DKult project is a “collaborative narrative.” All Kulters are encouraged, but not required, to contribute to the story. As a result, a complex sometimes contradictory myth has evolved and is growing. Borderline Grafix has already made substantial contributions and the DKULTX Research Issue adds more.

BG - 9.3.2015 - 4

We note that the images in the zine have a consistent and distinctive tonal quality, which makes the piece especially appealing. The DIY quality that gives so many zines their “authentic” feel is present; yet upon closer inspection, one suspects a skilled graphic designer has given some close attention to this piece.

BG - 9.3.2015 - 5

And, speaking of tonality and composition, we like this page (above) especially.

BG - 9.3.2015 - 6

The text is especially excellent on this concluding page. For us, the DKULTX Research Issue is a masterpiece in the contemporary zine genre, and there are some important lessons to be gained for zinesters who might find this. Take a close look at the zine! This is also a wonderful contribution to Trashpo and DKult, which is generating a body of amazing material. Deepest thanks to Borderline Grafix for sending us this copy of the DKULTX Research Issue! 

BG - 9.3.2015 - 7

BG - 9.3.2015 - 8

A great DKULTX stamp was included as well:

BG - 9.3.2015 - 9

Some previous postings of related work by Borderline Grafix:




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